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The Rebound Relationship – Secrets to Making It Work

Being in a relationship for, say, 6 months and then suddenly being single again can be, in a word, shocking. There are no more dinners for two, film marathons where you can cuddle up to someone, and no morning and evening texts from at least one person to look forward to. There are times when you’re with one of the gorgeous Private escorts in Perth and yet you can’t seem to cheer up.

Being single again after some time of being part of a duo can be jarring for anyone, but you may have noticed there are those who seem to take such a blow in stride, and do so easily. Can you really open up to another person without the potential relationship going awry? Here are some tips to sailing as smoothly as possible into that rebound relationship when the time is

  1. Ask for help. You don’t have to look for other potential partners yourself if you don’t feel up to it yet. Many experts actually recommend having your best mates do so for you, at least for the first few weeks or even months. By now, they’ll know your type – so they’re highly likely to find someone they think is a good match for you.
  1. Take your time. It’s tempting for many to rush into a new relationship, because it represents a chance to forget the pain of the break-up as well as being part of a unit again. However, if you hurry, you may make mistakes you usually wouldn’t, and your cool-some twosome will go down the drain once more.

You don’t have to become a couple with the first girl you date after a breakup, but it doesn’t mean you have to wait around moping and waiting for another partner to come along. Try having friendly dates, for instance, where the goal is to simply have fun.

  1. Don’t spill all the details. Potential partners don’t really need to know the nitty-gritty of your previous relationship, especially since revealing too much too soon may lead to questions you’re not ready for. As much as you want to open up, don’t do it all at once. Let her be the one to ask about it and probe deeper, or she may think you see her as a replacement.
  1. Be appreciative. So you’re in that inevitable rebound relationship but you’ve told your partner you want to take things slow. Showing appreciation is still necessary, since it tells her you notice the little things she does for you every now and then. Do something for her in return – it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy – and she’ll know you’re seeing her, not your ex.

While these may sound pretty simple, they’re surefire ways to dealing with a rebound relationship without destroying something potentially good. If you really aren’t ready yet, go ahead and look for Private escorts in Perth to help you satisfy certain needs or to keep you company.



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