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Private Escorts in Perth – Male Grooming Habits That Ladies Truly Hate

While the modern male has gone a long-long way from his counterparts centuries ago, in terms of proper grooming and hygiene, still there are a couple of male grooming habits that most women hate and would never like to see again.  Here’s a list of a few of the grooming habits of dudes that women wished they could discard quickly.

Poor Nail Hygiene

Private Escorts in PerthHere’s one grooming habit that even your hookup buddies or favourite Private Escorts in Perth, and its poor nail hygiene! Why do ladies hate unkempt, dirt-riddled fingers? Well, because it’s what guys like you use when touching them.

Most women also admit that it’s hot to be with a man who likes to work with his hands, but learns to clean his nails as well as cut them short too. And while no one is forcing you to get a mani/pedi (although it would be a great idea of course), being on top of the situation will go a long, long way.

Waxing Anywhere (Except the Back)

Whether you agree with this or not, women are definitely experts in waxing, whether it’s the eyebrows, legs or even their entire vulvas! But then again, men are men and they have body hair, which is usually a big selling point for most baby-bodied females. Thus, guys should embrace their masculinity and not wax their arms, legs and chests or whatever, unless they consider themselves gay or bisexual!

Using Bar Soap on Your Entire Body

Most guys use soap on their entire body, which many women consider to be quite shitty, because the soap’s been on your balls, ass and your face, which is very unsexy and bad! Perhaps guys could consider using a body wash, as not all of them smell like summer rain or nectarines!

Using Too Much Cologne

While using a little musk should be a turn-on for the ladies (especially if they catch a whiff of it), using too much of it can sucker-punch the nasal passages of ladies, and nearly everyone in the vicinity! And perhaps even your preferred Private Escorts in Perth would walk away from you if you wear too much perfume!



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