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Private Escorts in Perth – New Research Reveals That Music & Sex Stimulate the Same Part of the Brain

Have you ever wonder why people always lump sex, drugs and rock and roll together?  It’s because new research has revealed that music and sex both stimulate (and activate) the same part or region of the brain. Read more to find out why you should be whipping out your favourite music apps more often! Music […]

Private Escorts in Perth – Male Grooming Habits That Ladies Truly Hate

While the modern male has gone a long-long way from his counterparts centuries ago, in terms of proper grooming and hygiene, still there are a couple of male grooming habits that most women hate and would never like to see again.  Here’s a list of a few of the grooming habits of dudes that women […]

The Rebound Relationship – Secrets to Making It Work

Being in a relationship for, say, 6 months and then suddenly being single again can be, in a word, shocking. There are no more dinners for two, film marathons where you can cuddle up to someone, and no morning and evening texts from at least one person to look forward to. There are times when […]

Private Escorts in Perth –Signs Your Girl isn’t Being Faithful

While they’re great, relationships can also be confusing from time to time. With one of the ladies showcased in the pages of Private Escorts in Perth, there’s no confusion. Real relationships, though, are less clear cut. For example, different girls will react in different ways when they feel their boyfriends are being too protective. Or […]

Private Escorts in Perth – Safe & Effective Options on How to Make Your Penis Bigger

While most men are content with the size of their manhood, some guys are just so insecure with their current shaft sizes, so much that they want something – bigger. According to plastic surgeons, cosmetic procedures for men in the West, and even in the developing world, have risen by 200% in the last decade, […]

Private Escorts in Perth – If You’ve Got A Big Penis

Some guys may not be happy even if they’re well- endowed. Why, because they might scare away the girls especially the “never-been-touched” and “no-boyfriend-since-birth” types. Your hammer may be your best asset, nonetheless, it isn’t enough guarantee that you’ll be having the best fuck of your life! But, fret not; there are sex positions that […]

Private Escorts in Perth – What You Need To Know About Getting Tested

It’s a fact – 50% of all new sexually transmitted infections are found in women and men below 25 years of age! According to valid reports, this is quite enormous given that such group comprises only a quarter of the sexually active population! If you ever had your first sexual encounter, don’t hesitate to get […]

Private Escorts in Perth – 4 Silly and Unfortunate Things That Can Happen When Having Sex in a Hot Bath Tub

If you want to try the stuff that lovers do in the movies, or in porn flicks, such as having sex in a hot tub, well getting down and dirty in a hot bath tub can definitely take sex to a whole new level. However, a quickie in the jet stream comes with its own […]

Private Escorts in Perth – Top Things to Remember in the Bedroom

Go-to moves are those that do the trick for one partner, and are used with every partner after that. Both men and women have them – even the lovely vixens at Private Escorts in Perth. It’s understandable to want to have a move that never fails to tease and please in bed. However, you need […]

Private Escorts in Perth – Secrets to Pleasing Her in the Right Way

There’s actually no best way to pleasure a women in the bedroom, no matter how many women you’ve been with. However, there are some tricks or actions you can use to make sure your gorgeous partner is fully satisfied. The lovely ladies at Private Escorts in Perth share some of these tricks here. Don’t forget […]

Private Escorts in Perth – 4 Erotic Exercises As Good As Sexercise

Are you a fitness buff? Are your workouts coming in between your time in the sack and time for the gym? Well, be glad that there are sex positions that can actually double as exercise. Thus, you won’t any more be having side trips to the gym quite often. Only do these erotic exercises in […]

Private Escorts in Perth – Facts That Will Literally Change The Way You Look At Orgasm

Peak. Frenzy. Spasm. Ejaculation. Such are the words synonymous with orgasm, a climax of sexual excitement accompanied by pleasurable feelings concentrated around the genital area in dudes. This nice feeling accompanies ejaculation. Sex consultants estimate around seventy percent babes having faked an orgasm. And the bad part? Blokes can tell! Did you notice that your […]

How To Know If She’s Not Loving It At All Down South

It’s almost every man’s desire to lick a woman’s flower. After all, it presents the most exciting experience in bed, according to Private Escorts in Perth. However, it should be noted not all women are into such. Some of them just simply don’t love being teased below. Or perhaps, they’ll give it a try, but […]

Anal Sex Positions That Make The Act A Little Less Scary For First Timers

While stuff such as anal sex are commonly featured in most porn flicks and literature today, what’s so surprising is that for many couples anal is still considered the “last frontier”  or as “uncharted territory”. Why? It’s because there’s still a lot of confusion (or a lack of expert knowledge) regarding this back-door sex act, […]

Private Escorts in Perth – Sexual Satisfaction in Older Women (As Well As In Men) Is Associated With Successful Aging

If you think that sex is an activity that only teenagers and young adults should frequently be doing, well think again. It’s because, according to a new study done in the lovely city of San Diego, California, it’s been noted that sexual satisfaction in older women (as well as in older guys) is associated or […]

Private Escorts in Perth & The Intimate Competence Brought About By Lubricants

Enjoying a glorious occasion with a dame from Private Escorts in Perth enables you to experience the type of sensual experience that will separate you from the insatiability of your past ones. These women exist for the goal of fulfilling your sensual wishes, whoever they may be. With them going all out in the service […]

Be The Funny Guy – Not the Wannabe Funny Guy

For many blokes, the dating game is a little daunting, no matter how charming, suave, and overall attractive they may already be. This is because, even if the lady you’re faced with looks like one of the private escorts in Perth, making her laugh is still something of a challenge. Despite the many dates you’ve […]

New Studies Indicate That The Lack Of Sunshine Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Has your “manhood” been acting a little weird lately? If your penis has been exhibiting a lot of weakness and flaccidness recently, perhaps it’s lacking a lot of sunshine! New research from the land of wine, pasta and the Mafia (Italy) has indicated that low levels of vitamin D may increase a guy’s risks of […]

Be Your Own Porn Star – Positions to Look Good on Camera

By now, you’ve likely seen several porn films, not to mention you’ve seen photos in magazines and online, but have you ever thought about catching your own sex exploits on film? If you’re with one of the private escorts in Perth you found online, they may not agree. But if you and your committed partner […]

Sex Moves & Positions That Are Appropriate For Your Zodiac Sign

Sex is an activity that most adults like, unless you’ve sworn to celibacy! But while sex should be fun, exciting and hot, and without pretensions, sometimes the stars and the planets may have a say on how we do things in bed, without us knowing it. So whether you’re an adventurous Sagittarian or a flirty […]

Private Escorts in Perth| The Real And Ludicrous Facts Behind The “Beer Goggles” Phenomenon

Have you ever wondered why after having one drink too many at the local bar, you find most, if not all, of the ladies sexy, or pretty? But if you were plain sober, perhaps you won’t give most of these ladies a second glance. If you’re among the many who’ve gotten carried away, and spent […]

Private Escorts in Perth Don’t Let Back Pain Prevent Sex

Time and experience make it easier for you to enjoy sex longer. For example, at a certain age, you don’t have to worry about coming too quickly. That means you can truly enjoy being with one of the ladies featured on the pages of Private Escorts in Perth. Still, other concerns such as back pain […]

Private Escorts in Perth – An Extraordinary Orgasmic Experience

Living in a chaotic world where people are constantly tangled up in the complicated patterns of life, is somehow a tedious experience especially those who seek for a new experience. It might be an adventure that most people craved for, or it could be something that is worth a try. What is it? Private Escorts […]

Private Escorts in Perth – Tips for Deep Penetration

In-depth penetration has remained an all or nothing trade, certain girls like it though the rest do not. The difference is just too complex and it could get pretty heinous for a male like you. Men and women fear what they cannot understand, and that’s probably why the bulk of the females in this world […]

Private Escorts in Perth – Your Online Source For Holistic Eroticism

Take the step towards the new world! Step right up, take the essential queue towards a world that is driven by technology. Advancements have turned out to be the norm of this new world and it is where we dedicate most of our time. Of course, such notion is riveting because one click will take […]

In The World of Escorts – Private Escorts in Perth

Perth Australia is more than just a place filled with wonderful sights and sounds. It has become a sanctuary for those who are lonely and in need of private companionship. The so-called city of seduction is the gateway to the exhilarating world of escorts. Yes, private escorts in Perth are some of the most sought-after […]

Master and Slave Relationship (BDSM): Tales from the Private Escorts in Perth

One of the popular roles in BDSM is the master and slave relationship. This is another form of dominance and submission. The participants in this kind of BDSM role is any of the gender, a male or female can either take the role of the dominant or the submissive. The structure of the relationship can […]

Private Girls in Perth: Girlfriend Experience at its Finest

Perth escorts and all the escorts all over the world for that matter offer the Girlfriend experience or GFE. With this service, you will get the chance to date the woman of your dreams, enjoying dinner or lunch dates to some sexy time, just like a true girlfriend. Passionate, loving and warm, these girls will […]

Indulge Yourself with the Best Passion in the Company of Perth Private Escorts

Perth is a nice place to go when you’re looking for steamy, titillating, excitement and fun. This is the heavenly cove of the beautiful Perth private escorts. There are so many lone and single male jet setters who happen to stumble and had enjoyed the city with the company of these ladies. In fact, they […]

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